May 3, 2004

Below you will find links to the letters we wrote after our protest at the SAHBA home show on April 17. You will also find a link to a copy of the police report. Despite our letters and request for response the only communication from anyone at the TCC, City of Tucson , Governor Napolitano, or SAHBA has been an acknowledgement from Councilwoman Carol West. The silence is deafening.

We also sent letters to The Arizona Daily Star, The Tucson Citizen, The Tucson Weekly, and the Arizona Republic ... To date no response. Does the power of the advertising buck spent by SAHBA keep the newspapers from doing a story? Just wondering.

Please note that the Police Report indicates that our protest was lawful. It also points out that Orlando Gonzales, the TCC security guard who feigned injury and filed the police report, told 3 different stories about his “injury”. Despite his claim that our car hit him, he told one co-worker that he had hurt his back running, told another that he had hurt it leaping over a fence and then told the police that our car had hit him causing the injury. When the Officer pointed out his inconsistent statements Gonzales became uncomfortable and wanted to leave. Wonder who put him up to his story? We found it interesting that even though two SAHBA executives (along with members of the TCC security squad and management) were disturbing our lawful right to protest, and told us we were going to be arrested – they gave no statement to the police. Something about this stinks. It just doesn't smell right – and no one is responding. Wonder why?

SAHBA Home Show Protest - Account of our protest at the SAHBA Home Show on April 17th, 2004.

Police Report

Letter to SAHBA

Letter to the Tucson Convention Center

Letter to Governor Janet Napolitano

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