When we moved into the house the kitchen was horrible. Several of the cabinets were missing fronts, the island with its 400 pound granite top rocked to and fro, electrical outlets in wrong places, exhaust fans that didn't work, shoddy painting, shoddy drywall, warped door. You name it - it was wrong.

Contractors Involved In This Section:

Andros Refrigeration

Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths Michael O'Brien and Janice O'Brien, owners and Tamara Newell, designer(Ours was not the only complaint on file with Arizona Registrar of Contractors.)

McCreary Homes - LJ & Denise McCreary, owners.

RH Electric - Robert Hanson owner (The only complaint we had against RH was the conduit on the bottom shelf of the island and actually blame McCreary supervisor Quintero for allowing it to be installed. Bob came out and found a solution to the problem).

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This is the way McCreary left the drywall around the countertops in the kitchen. You can clearly see the gouges in the drywall.

More gouges in the drywall.

Yet more

Close up of the way the drywall was left.

Exhaust Fan

We couldn't figure out why the kitchen exhaust fan didn't draw until Westar Appliance came out to replace the fan. (McCreary's Supervisor damaged the fan by pounding it into the wrong sized space) When the new fan still did not draw correctly we went up on the roof with the installers to look at the exhaust. We found that when McCreary's supervisor installed the fan (rather than let the HVAC guys do it - Quintero did it himself.) He screwed it in so that the flap couldn't open to allow the air to draw.

If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you can readily see the screw installed that blocked the air flow.

A close up view of the screw and flap in the exhaust fan.

This picture clearly shows why the fan couldn't draw any air. The screw that Ray Quintero (McCreary Supervisor) put in the fan stopped the flap from opening.

This is a picture of the hole cut into the wall for the kitchen exhaust fan. This hole was put in over a foot too low for the fan hood we had picked out.

A closer view of the hole in the wall. When we had the new fan installed after Andros moved the fan hole, the installers discovered that there was no fire wall installed by the HVAC company so that if a grease fire shot up into the fan it would encounter a barrier before reaching the walls. To our knowledge it still remains that way.


Note that the Kitchen Island top was screwed into the base incorrectly. This picture shows how they didn't even make sure that the screws went into the cabinet. A close up view of this screw is directly below this picture.

On the first Island (the one that rocked to and fro) the top was not even secured to the top at all. It was resting on 6 screws! If you enlarge the picture you will see how it is balanced precariously on the screw head. The next picture is an enlargement of the screw area.

Enlargement of the screw holding up the 400 lb granite top.

Close up of the screw that is not into the cabinet base but rather is just jutting out from under the top. McCreary Homes attention to detail!

This is what we found when we opened the cabinet doors. McCreary supervisor Ray Quintero allowed RH Electric (who also should have known better) to install a junction box and conduit along the bottom shelf of the pass-thru cabinet. This rendered the whole bottom shelf unusable for storage. Not exactly what one would expect in a custom home.

This is the solution we had to live with - Conduit running up the interior side of the cabinet with a plate on the bottom. (See the plate on the bottom in the next picture)

Plate on the bottom of the cabinet.


The plastic piping started leaking through the walls because it had a staple through it. This is where the plumbers had to cut through the wall. The wall was never repaired to new dry wall standards. It was left this way.

This is a close-up of where the plumbers had to cut into the wall to stop a pipe from leaking.

The electrical outlets above the cabinets were supposed to be hidden below the crown molding. Instead they were installed above.

The front cabinets of these drawers were the wrong size and it took 6 months for Arizona Designs to replace them.

The electricians installed an outlet in the wrong cabinet.

Note how the painters only painted one side of the louvers on the heat register in the kitchen. All of the louvers in the house looked like this. So when you opened the register or moved the louvers to direct the air, it looked like this.


The kitchen designer - Arizona Designs - forgot to order the top of the refrigerator panel. It took many months to get the panel and then it didn't match the color of the doors because they weren't done together. Such attention to detail!

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